Camden's Birth Story

Just playing on snapchat while I have a baby...

Just playing on snapchat while I have a baby...

A little disclaimer - when you go around in a circle and tell your birth story, I’m the girl that everyone hates… prepare yourself.

Doctors should never tell a pregnant mommy their baby will probably come early, because when it doesn’t happen, it leads to one crazy, huge pregnant lady who is SO past ready for this baby. For the entire last month of my pregnancy, I was walking around 3 cm dilated thinking each day could be THE day. 

SIKE! There I was, two days past my due date, having gained a *measly* 4 lbs in the past 24 hours, when they told me I would be birthing a mammoth... 

“We’re estimating a 9.5lb baby...” I nearly peed my pants. All I could think was, get this alien out of me. NOW! I asked the doctor if Camden's size warranted an induction, and hallelujah, she said yes! They couldn’t fit me in that night, but said I could check in first thing in the morning. 

After leaving the doctor's office, my husband and I went for our last supper as a family of two.  I decided I needed ALL the carbs to gear up for what was sure to be a looooong labor (because that’s what everyone tells you about your first… right?)

When we got home, we double and triple checked that all our bags were packed.  As we anxiously got ready for bed, it occurred to me that I had been having cramps for the past two hours. At this point, I started timing the cramps (just for fun) and discovered they were about 5 minutes apart. Are these contractions? Surely, not. But didn’t I read something that said you should go to the hospital when contractions are 5 minutes apart? As I laid in bed, I continued to feel my abdomen tighten consistently over the next two hours. Finally, my husband, tired of me asking him a million questions, told me to call my doctor (mind you, it’s now after midnight). It felt silly to call when I was supposed to be going in in a few hours anyway, but I did, and next thing I knew, we were headed to the hospital. 

The rest of the night was pretty uneventful.  Although I was in fact having contractions, they weren’t too painful, and I was able to get some sleep before the real fun began. Around 6:30am, they started my pitocin drip to speed things along. And boy it did!

For the next 3.5 hours, things got real; contractions were coming on hard and fast. I labored mostly sitting cross-legged in the bed rocking back and forth. I kept thinking, sure, I’ll try all these hippie positions and gadgets, so, I had my husband help me over to the birthing ball. But when the next contraction hit, I literally jumped off the ball. Note to self: birthing ball…not for me.

The next thing I knew, I was at 5cm, my water had broken, and the contractions were getting pretty intense. With my entourage of people headed to the hospital, I decided it was probably time for the epidural. By the time my fan club arrived, 15 minutes after my epidural, I was feeling gooooood. Said fan club included both of our parents, my siblings, and of course, my make-up artist/best friend. Because obviously, having my make-up freshly done was at the top of my priority list on this big day. But seriously, I wanted to look back on the pictures and not look like a homeless person.

About an hour later, they checked me, and I was already at an 8! Well that was fast! I kept thinking back to all the people who had told me that I would be in labor at least 12 hours… I think they just might be wrong this time. Our family naively thought they had time to go grab lunch... SIKE again! While they were gone, my doctor came in, informed me that I was already 10cm dilated, and it was time to push. TIME TO PUSH?!?!?! I couldn’t believe how quickly everything was going, and my mom and mother-in-law had just left for food at this crucial time! To their credit, they had no idea things were going to go so fast.  

Leading up to this day, I thought long and hard about who I wanted to have in the room with me. I had been there for the birth of all 3 of my sister’s kids, and it was such a special experience for me. I knew I wanted to give that experience to my sister, but especially to my mother and my mother-in-law. I guess Riley (my husband) could stay too...

At this point, Riley frantically called his mom to tell them to rush back, because it was go time. Little did I know, not even twenty minutes later (yes, you read that right), I would be meeting my son. The doctor said that I must be athletic since I was an effective pusher and took instruction so well. A mere 5 contractions and 15 pushes later, the doctor literally stepped back and caught my baby boy. I glanced over at our moms who were cuddling each other in the corner crying like babies, then turned to Riley and said, “Well that was easy.”

Camden Rogers Orr was finally here! Weighing in at 8 lbs. 7 oz., and 19 ½ inches long. He was a big baby, but not quite a mammoth like they had prepared me for.

God blessed me with a happy healthy baby, relatively easy pregnancy, and a super easy delivery. I praise him everyday for my story as I know it is a rare one, and there are so many of my dear friends that have had to take a rocky road on their way to parenthood. I will never take this journey that the Lord has put us on for granted. Thank your Jesus! We are so in love and our lives are forever changed!