Emily McDowell Studio Empathy Cards - Fav Product Friday

I've never really been a huge fan of greeting cards, mostly because I find that that they are either pretty lame or way to cheesy/touchy-feely. I've probably been the recipient of at least 100 sympathy/thinking of you cards in the last year. Really though, 100. At least.

And to be honest, most of the cards themselves were pretty bad, though the messages inside have been kind and encouraging. While I'd typically avoid sending a card because of the lack of quality cards on the market, I've learned that saying something is always better than saying nothing, and often, the best way to say that something is through a card. Enter Emily's Empathy Cards!

I literally have a stash of her cards for every occasion from pregnancy announcements and births, to death, anniversaries of hard days, and infertility. They say, in such in simple ways, just the right thing. I highly encourage you to check them out.

Because if we're being honest, there really is no good card for the tough stuff. But these are by far the best I've found! 

PS - if you buy 6 or more cards, you get 25% off your purchase!

PPS - Emily has also written an awesome book about loving your friends through the tough stuff. I'll be reviewing that in an upcoming Fav Product Friday post! 

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