It's Just a Dream...Right?

Photo by  Roman Kraft  on  Unsplash

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

There has been so much going on in the Griffith household lately, so let me back up a few months and fill you in. You might remember that Tyler and I were struggling to conceive and we wanted to try IUI just one more time before we kicked that bucket. So in February, we decided to go for another round of treatment. We had changed doctors, so it was nice to get a different and fresh perspective on things. A couple of weeks after the IUI, I had to go in to the office for blood work to see if I was pregnant or not. Going into that appointment, I had just read the not so high statistic for successful IUI treatments, and believe me, tI wasn't feeling too hopeful. The doctor said they would call later that day when they got the results. That day seemed to last FOREVER! I kept checking my phone and no call. I was becoming disheartened by the end of the day and finally they called! My husband and I wanted to find out together so we decided when they called I would run over to his work and we'd call them back together.  I am fumbling through my phone listening to the voicemail and a sweet voice of an angel came over the phone….

“Hi Casey. We got your blood results back.  I know you are still at work and might not get a chance to call back so here are your results….”

I paused the voicemail and immediately called Tyler.  I was screaming with excitement as we were not expecting them to leave a message with the results - I thought it was just be a call back message.  I remember calling Tyler yelling, "Omg!!! We have the results in voicemail! I am coming over now!" Of course when I got to his office, Tyler wasn't out yet...  I kept waiting and waiting until he finally came out. He had taken a while because he was actually in the middle of a conference call but decided to leave in the middle of it because he couldn’t wait either. We listened to the voicemail, and finally for the first time in almost 3 years, we heard those beautiful words: we were pregnant. 

Tyler and I literally screamed and held each other in the car. I was sobbing with joy, and he was so excited, he couldn’t stop laughing. We had been waiting on that moment for so long and it finally happened. 

Looking back I know this was God's plan all along. We had been praying for so long for this miracle.  In October 2014, I had a vivid dream that I would be pregnant in March. I woke up from that dream confident that it was from God and confident that we would pregnant in March. His answer seemed so clear. 

But as March rolled around year after year, I would be extremely disappointed. I began asking myself, “Did I make this dream up on my own? Maybe God wasn’t telling me something. Am I just reaching for an answer?” I still had hope that we would conceive, but eventually I gave up on this dream. 

But of course, we found out in March of this year that we were expecting our precious miracle. God had in fact told me that I would be pregnant in March, he just didn’t tell me it would be almost 3 years later!  As I look back on this season of my life, I can't help but smile. God moved in so many amazing ways through those years, and I am now able to share my testimony with others who struggle with infertility. 

My mom has always encouraged me and reminded me, “God is writing your testimony. This difficult season you're going through is going to be used to help others and to strengthen your walk with the Lord.” I held on to that advice, and now I finally see it’s truth.  I’ve already met so many people who are struggling just like I was.  As a close this chapter of my life, I am looking forward to the new one that lies ahead of me - the blessings and challenges of motherhood.  Bring it!