Slow Down

If there is one piece of advice that I've heard over and over as a new mom, it’s, “Just enjoy this season! It goes by so fast!”

I've never been very good at that. When my husband and I started dating, I couldn’t wait to get married.  When we got married, I couldn’t wait to buy a house.  Once we had the house, I couldn’t wait to get dogs.  And once we had our fur babies, I couldn’t wait to have a real baby in my arms.  Although I was enjoying each season I was in, I was constantly looking forward to what was next.

Then came Camden, and that’s when things changed.  I now desperately want time to slow down.

He is my buddy and my sidekick.  Most days, it's just the two of us gallivanting around town.  I cherish the time we get to spend together right now so much because I know the older he gets, the less time we’ll get together; the less he will need me.

I can already see his independence beginning to grow at only 7 months old.  I used to have to hold him up, and now he can sit independently.  He used to sleep next to my bed, and now he is in his own room.  He used to depend on me and my milk for nutrients, and now that my milk is gone, anyone can give him a bottle.  I feel like I blinked and all of a sudden everything had chnanged. 

I can see where this is headed, and know soon he’ll be walking and won’t need me to carry him.  He won’t need me to read to him, he’ll be reading himself.  And then it’s off to school, moving out, and marrying his dream girl at which point he won’t need his mama much anymore.  But I’m getting ahead of myself….

Camden Rogers - 
Right now, you still need me.  As I rock you to sleep, thinking about this first Mother’s Day with you in my arms, I’m going to do my best to treasure each season we walk through together.

I finally get what everyone says - I just want time to slow down!

Check out this song below which perfectly describes my feelings.  

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