Triple the Blessing

After three years of trying to get pregnant, it was FINALLY the day of our first sonogram - our first time to see our precious, long prayed for baby. As if three years wasn't long enough, it had been an excruciating two week wait since the phone call that changed our lives - so let’s just say I was a nervous wreck during that waiting period. This was such a special and long-awaited day, so we invited my mom, sister, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and one year old niece to our appointment. We literally strolled up to the fertility clinic with our own posse! 

Even though we wanted to share this day with our family, Tyler and I decided we also wanted to protect this first moment meeting our child, so we left our family in the waiting room and headed in to meet our baby, just the two of us, ready to ooh and aah over him or her. Tyler held my hand as we anxiously walked in; I was already in tears just basking in this moment we had awaited for so long. Tyler said a prayer over us just as the sonogram tech walked in.

It was finally time to see our baby! I was overwhelmed by this miracle and so happy that I could hardly see through my tears as I listened to the sonogram tech explain what she was seeing. 

Suddenly she exclaimed, "Oh! There are two babies in there!"

WHAT?!? Tyler and I stared at each other in disbelief as I began sobbing from joy and excitement. (If you haven’t noticed, I’ve cried quite a bit through this journey!) The next thing I remember is the sono tech saying, "Let’s just make sure there aren’t any more babies in there."

Still lost in thought, trying to wrap my head around twins, I heard her say, "And there’s another one!"

Triplets?!? I absolutely lost it! My whole body began shaking. I looked over at Tyler who was just staring at the screen, smiling, and petting my head. I don’t think he knew whether I was excited or completely shocked and upset. We were both in shock; we just kept saying, "Wow, triplets..." over and over.  Staci, our sonogram tech, couldn’t manage to get their heartbeats or measurements because I was shaking and crying so much. Tyler finally calmed me down enough so she could do her job. We watched as she went from baby to baby to baby getting their measurements. It was finally our moment to ooh and aah over our BABIES, all three of them! It was truly a moment I will never forget. 

After a while she said the most beautiful sentence: "All your babies are right on target and look healthy." At which moment I finally remembered our posse in the waiting room!


As Tyler went out to get them, I told him he better keep it together and not say a word until they got into the room. When they walked in, Staci began explaining what was on the screen: "Here’s Baby A and Baby C..." (it’s hard getting all three on one screen)

My mother-in-law yelled, "Wait! Baby C?! Is there a Baby B??" at which point Staci showed them Baby B. I think our mothers almost passed out! My mom just held my hand, looked at me and said, "It’s going to be okay baby." Everyone was in shock, and of course, more tears were shed. 

We took some pictures to commemorate the happiest and most surprising day of our lives so far. 

As we approach the finish line (of pregnancy at least...) all three babies continue to blow us away. They are each just as healthy as the first time we saw them. Each week as I see them grow, I’m still overwhelmed and thankful for these three perfect blessings God has given us.