Hey Mama, You've Got This

As a new mom the two things I wanted to hear were “Yep, that’s normal” and “Hey Mama, you are doing a great job”. 

I feel like this video pretty much sums up my feelings and thoughts those first few weeks. 

I’ve always been very decisive and sure of my decisions but that all changed when I became a mom. All of a sudden, I found myself question everything. And I mean EVERYTHING.

Hungry, Overtired, Undertired, Gas, Teething, Wonder Weeks , Growth Spurts...

It’s got to be one of those things or a combination of all of them, right?

If you could only look back through my search history on my phone those first few weeks. You would surely think I’d lost my mind. But here is the deal, almost everything I would start to type, google would finish. Turns out these were all things moms had asked before. 

It wasn’t until I came out of the newborn haze that I began talking to other moms and realizing they had gone through the exact same things I had. 

Bottle feeding had never been my plan and when that's where I landed very early on, I grieved it deeply.  Several months later, I messaged an old friend and shared our feeding journey.  She wrote back that the exact same thing had happened with her first! You too!? The instant rush of relief I felt was overwhelming.  Now looking back I wish I had reached out sooner.  

New mama, you are not alone! The biggest lie that satan wants us to buy into is that you are alone.  Please reach out to me or someone who is a little farther down the road than you are. There is such joy in community! 

This mothering gig is a constant guessing game and just when you think you’ve got things figured out, it all changes again. As someone who loves to be in control, motherhood has been deeply refining. Seven months in and I'd like to think I'm a little more "go with the flow" than when I began (dear husband may debate this).  Sure, I still get a little uptight about schedules and nap times and tend to worry over little things.  But now, I'm so thankful for a group of moms that are only a text message away to encourage and listen and say they've been there. 

So to you, new mama, yes, it's normal, you are not alone, and you've so got this!